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Below you will find samples and examples of my work:

These are some of the public websites I have built within template sites like WordPress and Blogger.  In each case below I set up the initial architecture of the site, populated it with content and taught the owner of the site to maintain and edit the site themselves.

Image of 20 food website
2ofood is a site focused on urban gardening and cooking aimed at people in their 2os.

Image of Judith Yates Borger website

Judith Yates Borger is an author and journalist.

Monica Ferris is an author with a website full of information about her books, her adventures and her hats.

This is an example of a website I manage that is not built within a template site but is a more traditional stand alone site.

image links to susan runholt website

Susan Runholt is also an author.  I did not originally build her stand alone website but I do manage it now.  This involves adding pages and making major and minor edits to both content and structure of the site.

Click here to see the Instructional section of my Portfolio.


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