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The Days Between Solstice and St. Valentine’s Day

Winter can be hard in The Northland.  Dark.  Cold.  Ice and snow.

As February begins and St. Valentine’s Day approaches we get the tiniest bit of a hint that Spring just might come.

I’ve added a few products to the Zazzle shop that are  appropriate for Valentine’s Day.  Check them out here.

I made a number of heart shaped ornaments.  Who said that ornaments are only for Christmas?  Not me.  In fact who says that ornaments have to be ornaments?  A friend bought some round ornaments that I was thinking of as tree decorations and used them as necklace pendents.  I’ll link to some photos of her finished products if possible.

I have an exciting event coming up at the end of April.  I’ll post more about it as we get closer but the short story is that my friend Mark Granlund has invited me to participate in his biannual sale.  I’ll be busy between now and then deciding which images to highlight and learning something about making fancy schmancy prints.   Stay tuned.

I feel like I have personally passed out of the darkest days of winter and into the hopeful homestretch toward spring.  That should mean I have more to say on these pages!  In the meantime, there is beauty even in these cold winter days.  Good to remember!


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